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7 Reasons to Choose Silk Flowers for Your Wedding

Average Cost Of Silk Flowers For A Wedding

From decor to centerpieces and bouquets, a dreamy wedding requires a lot of flowers. You must be considering real flowers because why not! They are flattering, they set the ambiance, and they smell good. Then why should you consider silk flowers for wedding? In this article, we will discuss the main reasons that make artificial flowers a better choice.

If you think there is no better alternative than real flowers, well, think again! Real flowers have a lot of complications and you can never be too sure about them. Whereas, there is no such complication with silk flowers. Let us try and persuade you with the 7 most compelling reasons to choose silk flowers:

Your Favorites are Always in-Season

The best part about silk flowers is that they are available throughout the year. If you want a particular flower in a particular color to match the theme of your wedding, you shall have it irrespective of your geographical location.

With silk flowers, it doesn’t matter where you are or what season you have chosen to marry in, your favorite flowers will always be available for your special day. The silk flowers look as gorgeous as the real flowers, and most of the time, you can’t even tell the difference.

They Remain Fresh Forever

Real flowers start wilting soon enough. You would not want your guests to sit around the flowers that are getting dull and darker around the edges. Whereas, the silk flowers look as fresh as they have just been brought from the gardens. They remain the same forever.

Moreover, you can place your bouquet in an elegant vase and use it for your decor. It will keep reminding you of your special day. A beautiful reminder of a beautiful wedding!

No Allergies

Some people are allergic to flowers but that should not stop you from getting floral arrangements that match the theme of your wedding. So, instead of getting the real flowers, you can get silk flowers because they do not trigger any allergy. Simple as that!

Affordable and Easy to Send for Longer Distances

The average cost of silk flowers for a wedding is much lower. Also, it is easy to transport silk flowers even for long distances because they do not wither even if it takes more than 24 hours to transport them. In fact, they look blooming and fresh even after years.

You Receive as Selected

Most of the brides have complained that the flowers they receive often shock them because they look different from the blooms they had selected. With silk flowers, you can rest assured because you will get exactly what you select.

You Can Gift Them to Your Guests

As discussed earlier, a lot of flowers are used for a wedding. Instead of letting those gorgeous flowers go to waste or filling up your spare room with artificial flowers, give them to your guests. After keeping a few special ones and your bouquet aside (obviously!), you can announce that the guests can take bouquets with them if they want to.


The real flowers wither way too soon and so many flowers go waste within a few hours after the ceremony. They serve no other purpose. Whereas, the silk flowers for a wedding can be reused and repurposed.

You can use them in your home decor or for any other occasion you might host in the future. Additionally, you can give or donate them to someone else for their wedding.

Now that you are convinced to get silk flowers, book the best-in-class and the exact replica of the real blooms from Art and Flower.

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