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How About a Wedding Bouquet with a Mix of Burgundy and Blush?

Burgundy And Blush Wedding Bouquet

It is obvious that you wish to leave no stone unturned to make your wedding bouquet look extra special. So, how about a burgundy and blush wedding bouquet? It is bold, hot, trendy, and highly alluring. Besides, the burgundy and blush will do good to accentuate you and your beautiful dress.

If you are not totally convinced yet, we can understand that. However, it is your big day and we say you should, at least, give it a try and see how it looks in real life. This will help you make an informed choice. Now, in this article, we are going to discuss some of the combinations you can try for a wedding bouquet that suits your style and is extra special.

Roses and Calla Lilies

You can never go wrong with a bouquet that contains calla lilies and roses. You can use blush roses and burgundy calla lilies to create a piece of art that you can carry down the aisle. It is not just about the contrast in color but also the texture of these two flowers that make the bouquet look much more elegant and classy.

A few fillers, a flowing ribbon, and a bit of greenery can further take your wedding bouquet to yet another level of pure delight. You can also interchange the colors if you want and ‘Art and Flower’ suggests using burgundy ribbons to match the flowers.

Peonies and Roses

When we talk about contrasting textures, peonies and roses are quite similar yet totally different and this is what makes such a combination stand out. If you wish to carry a bouquet that sets the bar high and adds a dreamy feel to your wedding, this should definitely be the combination you need to have a look at.

You can either choose blush roses and burgundy peonies or vice versa. No matters what your choice is, the resultant wedding bouquet would be a beauty to behold. Top it up with really small fillers in vibrant blue and wrap the stems with a ribbon that matches the fillers. Don’t forget to get a beautiful bow-like knot in the front and a bit of greenery is always desirable.

Roses and Roses

Imagine a wedding bouquet that contains only roses. Roses come in blush as well as burgundy shades. So, instead of mixing two flowers of different types, you can go the classic route and embrace true beauty.

You can use fillers and greenery to make your blush and burgundy wedding bouquet even more desirable. Furthermore, you can wrap the stems in whichever color you wish to highlight in your bouquet.

Gypsophila and Peonies

Before you get too shocked, let us explain that you can form a beautiful bouquet with blush peonies and then you can insert burgundy gypsophila here and there for an enchanting and captivating bouquet that shrieks bold and elegant at the same time.

Use flowy burgundy ribbons that match your gypsophila and you can also wear a similar shade of lipstick to accentuate your dress. Moreover, just experiment and see whether you like it more with greenery or you wish to go without any leaves or additional fillers.

For some cool ideas, feel free to visit the Art and Flower website.

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