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Get Perfect Fillers for Your Bridal Bouquet in Burgundy and Blush

Burgundy and White Bridal Bouquet

The bridal bouquet garners the maximum attention after the bride and the groom. Now, to ensure that everything in your wedding is more than perfect, you have to have a bouquet that looks extra special and highly enchanting.

You can use the most beautiful and expensive flowers in the world or the basic ones. The overall appeal and appearance of your bouquet depend on the tiny details and how every element is put together. For example, the flowers should complement each other, the fillers, greenery, and even the ribbon should bring the bouquet together to represent your style instead of contradicting each other.

Most importantly, it should not look like you just grabbed anything off the shelf. Every element of the bridal bouquet should be picked very carefully to give it a complete and wholesome appearance. In this article, we will discuss the types of fillers you can use to elevate your bridal bouquet in burgundy and blush.

Without further ado, let’s get started:

Sea Lavender

Also known as statice, it is a beautiful purple flower with tiny blooms. Just close your eyes and imagine a blush and burgundy bridal bouquet with these beauties popping out here and there along with some fresh myrtle greenery.

Ahem! Did you like it?

Sea lavenders will complement the blush and will be a standout among the burgundy for an elegant and balanced bridal bouquet. We suggest using only a few of these flowers because we are looking for that balanced look. Overdoing these flowers in burgundy and blush bridal bouquet will do more harm than good.

Just a heads up, statice also comes in blue, white, yellow, pink, and orange colors. You should check out these colors as well.


If you wish to add more height or volume to your bouquet, we suggest you go for pastel shades of the snapdragons. There are multiple options of colors. However, for a blush and burgundy bouquet, pastel colors like peach, pink, and orange.

These flowers come with a long stem and you can add as many as you want but it is better to use them in a limited quantity because your flowers should be the star of your bouquet. The fillers are there just to accentuate the look further. Too many of them will take the charm away from your blooming blossoms.

Depending on your choices and if you are open to experimenting, you can also opt for colors like white, red, copper, or even burgundy. For greenery, you can use grevillea as they look really pretty and elegant.


Want to add a bit of drama to your burgundy and blush bridal bouquet? How about using delphiniums? These blue blossoms with long stems can elevate any bouquet, let alone the combination we have chosen.

More importantly, the color of these flowers will accentuate both the blush and burgundy flowers. Due to their shape, they specifically go well with bouquets containing calla lilies. For greenery, a Honey Bracelet presents a better option. However, you can also go for Silver Dollar Eucalyptus.

To make your bouquet stand out, you can match the color of your ribbons with that of the fillers. In case the fillers are blush or burgundy, go for a green ribbon or choose the color that is less dominant in the bouquet.

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