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DIY: Making a Bridal Bouquet with Fresh Flowers

A bridal bouquet is the most special accessory for a bride that signifies love, happiness, and togetherness. On the big day, every bride wants to carry a bouquet that represents her true style and identity.

If you want your bouquet to speak volumes about your personality, why not make it yourself?

Besides, making a bridal bouquet with fresh flowers also saves time and costs comparatively less. You can simply order your favorite flowers for your bouquet from Art and Flower’s exotic collection of fresh flowers. We will deliver the flowers to your doorstep and your creative side can take it from there. The prices will also be less than a bridal bouquet.

Some Quick Tips before We Jump to the DIY segment

  • While booking your flowers, make sure to specify that you need the flowers with long stems. This will allow you to have ample space to hold the flowers while structuring the bouquet. Moreover, bridal bouquets with longer stems look more elegant.
  • If the flowers you need grow in clusters, order the whole stalk or spray.
  • Order more flowers than you think you will need. You never know, fresh flowers might inspire new ideas. Besides, you need some extra flowers in case you make a mistake.
  • You can play around with the color combination of the ribbon and flowers. Choose green ribbons for a natural look or match the color of the ribbon with the flowers. In the case of a multi-colored bouquet, match the ribbon with the flower you want to stand out.

With all this settled, let's get started with our DIY

What Do You Need?

You will need the following items to create a fresh flower bridal bouquet:

  • Fresh flowers from Art and Flower
  • Flower tape
  • Thick ribbon in your preferred color
  • Crystal-headed pins
  • Hairspray (It’s important!)

Here are the steps you need to follow after you have received your flowers and other supplies:

1.   Sort the Flowers

The first step is to get the flowers out of their packaging and remove the leaves or thorns using a clean pair of pruning shears. Make sure to cut them exactly where they meet the stem to avoid any sharp edges.

2.   Start with Two or Three Blossoms

Take two or three big flowers that will become the base of your bridal bouquet. The bigger flowers look better in the center. If you want your bouquet to be tight and elegant, hold the stem of the flowers by two inches below the head of the flower.

Holding at a higher point will make the bouquet too tight and the petals of the flowers might get damaged. Whereas, holding too low would mean that your bouquet would look loose and less organized. Secure the spot you are holding with the floral tape.

3.   Add More Flowers

Once you are satisfied with your base, build out the bouquet by adding more flowers. Make sure that the flowers you are adding are slightly lower than your base and are facing outwards instead of upwards.

Keep using floral tape as you go to secure them firmly. For the outer ring, you can add leaves for a vintage look or small flowers for added beauty.

4.   Wrap the Stems

As you finish arranging your flowers in a bouquet, move on to the next step of wrapping a ribbon around the stems. The ribbon signifies togetherness and also covers the floral tape efficiently. Using a thick ribbon makes the task much easier and cleaner.

5.   Use the Hairspray

Spray the flowers with hairspray and keep the most spectacular fresh flower bridal bouquet in a vase. Make sure that the ribbon is above the water level.

Even if you are not satisfied with your final bouquet (it’s highly unlikely), you can totally rely on Art and Flower for a magnificent wedding bouquet of your choice.

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