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Gifting Wedding Bouquets with Stargazer Lilies and Roses

Wedding is a special occasion where two individuals vouch to start a new journey together for a prosperous future. It is an event of celebration and connecting with near, dear and every well-wisher. We often get confused about the things that we should gift to an individual on this special occasion. Some gift precious jewellery, some choose clothing, some select artefacts whereas some go for bouquets.

Wedding bouquets have been gifted on weddings and other similar occasions since ages. Even Romans used to gift bouquets on special events to each other. This act of courtesy has been followed since ages in all parts of the world. People make these bouquets from available indigenous flowers and plants. Dubai, being a global village, is a congregation of cultures. It has brought new ideas to the people and a whole new combination of bouquets are being customised based on the choice of the people.

How to Select Flowers for a Bouquet?

Traditionally, flowers are selected for a bouquet depending on a number of things, such as the occasion, personality, relationship, etc. Some of the most common examples can be selecting red roses for soulmates and weddings, yellow flowers when meeting friends and well-wishers, white lilies for funeral, orchids for official events, etc.

Weddings are joyous occasions where people meet to congratulate the couple. Being a well-wisher, you should include warm coloured flowers such as red, yellow, orange and pink.

Selecting specific flowers also signify how you feel for a person. Lilies and roses signify freshness. Fragrant and beautiful flowers show that you want the same fragrance and cheerfulness to be in their lives.

There are also some very common combinations that are designed and decorated by florists that can be gifted for almost all occasions.Using lilies and roses is one such combination.

What are Stargazer Lilies and What do they signify?

Stargazer lilies are exotic hybrid lilies that have been developed in the late 90s. These are pink flowers with long open petals pointing towards the end. Red dots on the petals and greenish-white stigma in the centre adds to the beauty of the flower.

Stargazer lilies are aromatic and have a very sweet fragrance. Owing to this, gifting wedding bouquets with Stargazer lilies and roses have always been in high demand worldwide.

Whom to Gift Stargazer Lilies and Roses?

Stargazer lilies and roses signify abundance, prosperity, love, positivity, warmth and passion. Gifting this bouquet means a person want the newlyweds to be passionate for each other and lead a life with richness and fortune.

The best thing about the combination of stargazer lilies and roses is that it can be gifted to any person irrespective of the personality or relationship. It is recommended for both cheerful as well as reserved people.

Where to get Wedding Bouquets with Stargazer Lilies and Roses?

The best thing about Dubai is that everything is available here irrespective of the place where these flowers are grown. Art & Flower is one such place where best flowers are handpicked for you. The bouquets are meticulously decorated with extreme care and passion to ensure the flowers are fresh and fragrant.

So the next time you go for such an event, choose wedding bouquets with stargazer lilies and roses from Art & Flower and show how much you want the newly-wedded couple to prosper together in their life.

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