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Send Wishes Wrapped Around a Beautiful Bouquet Having Purple Flowers

You send flowers with regular white, red, and other common colors. The person becomes really happy and thanks you for those flowers, and that's it!

What if you send an exciting and fun bouquet, with purple blooms, that looks quite unique? The person will not only be happy but will also compliment you on your choice and will remember it for ages!

Now, that is worth considering a purple bouquet. Don't you think?

You may consider a bouquet that has all purple flowers but that might turn out to be a bit too overwhelming. Instead, you may choose a bouquet with a pop of purple here and there.

In this blog, we will share a list of purple bouquets available on our website, so you can choose the one that you think would be the best option for your ‘someone special'. You may wonder why Art and Flower! The reason is obvious! Art and Flower is the best place to buy flowers in Dubai.

Before we move on to our list, you should know this:

To view these flowers, you may visit the "Bouquets" segment and find all the beautiful bouquets mentioned below. The best part is that you will receive an exact replica of the bouquet shown in the picture. You will get exactly what you choose which makes it easier to decide. Doesn't it?

 Let's get started with our list:


This bouquet is a complete head-turner. With vibrant purple delphiniums, blue hydrangeas, and eryngiums, the bouquet looks sophisticated with an understated charm that often leaves you wanting to look at it more and more.

The smart amalgamation of blue and purple is another reason that this bouquet has become a popular choice.


Consider a fresh and spectacular bouquet with white and pink hydrangeas, punctuated with pink roses and ranunculus. Now accentuate this beautiful bouquet by using purple flowers as fillers.

That is how you get Irene! If you like pastel shades on flowers, this is something you must consider.


Every inch of this bouquet shrieks of merriment, love, and happiness. If you wish to send vibrant flowers that look enchanting yet ethereal then Jacqueline is the perfect choice for you.

The bouquet contains a beautiful mix of purple iris, pink roses, limonium, and dianthus.


It is the first bouquet on the page and it looks spectacular. Just have a look at the bouquet and it will be hard for you to forget it for a while! (That's how beautiful it is!)

With purple ranunculus accentuating the different colors of roses and the greenery of the bouquet, it becomes a sight to behold.


Another equally beautiful option is for rose lovers. It is a bouquet that contains only roses. Pastel shades of purple roses balance out the whole bouquet having multiple colors and give it an alluring and gripping presence that makes you grab it without any second thoughts.

We hope you found the best option among these. Just choose any of the above bouquets from our website to buy flowers in Dubai.