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Tips to Combine Red Roses with Calla Lilies in Your Wedding Bouquet

Be it red roses or calla lilies, both make a beautiful bridal bouquet. However, if you wish to combine the two to create a spectacular bouquet, we have a few creative suggestions that might actually be useful for you.

Your wedding bouquet is all about you. Create it the way you want!

Your bouquet is all about your personality and if you wish to carry a ‘red roses and calla lilies wedding bouquet’, there is no stopping you. You should go all in, experiment, and be as creative as you wish.

The red roses symbolize love and romance and ‘Calla’ means ‘Beautiful’ in Greek.

If you have decided that red roses have to be there in your wedding bouquet, you can surely experiment and choose the color of the calla lily based on its symbolization. Every color of calla lilies has a different symbolic meaning.

  • White calla lilies are symbolic of birth, purity, and innocence.
  • Pink calla lilies show appreciation and admiration.
  • Purple calla lilies indicate charm and passion.
  • Yellow calla lilies signify gratitude.

Now, for your wedding bouquet, you can try out the following combinations:

Red roses and White Calla Lilies Wedding Bouquet

You can create a mesmerizing bouquet using red roses and white calla lilies. Visit the website of Art and Flower and scroll down to find a bouquet named ‘Tamara’. A beautiful bouquet balanced with the right amount of red and white and lightly accentuated with green in the right places.

Just imagine there are white calla lilies instead of white roses and you are holding them at your wedding. Picture perfect, right?

Just place an order for a ‘Tamara’ inspired bouquet and specify over the call that you need white calla lilies instead of white roses in your bouquet. We will take care of the rest.

Red Roses and Pink Calla Lilies

You can carry an elegant bouquet with red roses and pink calla lilies. It looks stunning, spectacular, and never fails to catch attention. Besides, very few brides can think of such a unique but charming combination.

For such an assortment, we would suggest you go for a side-by-side arrangement instead of mixing the flowers for a scattered look. For example, you can divide your bouquet into two parts. The left side may contain only red roses and the right side can have pink calla lilies.

You can further add more elements around your flowers for a finished look. This will give your bouquet a unique and modern look to accentuate your style.

Red Roses with Purple Calla Lilies

A wedding bouquet with red roses and calla lilies in purple will symbolize love, romance, and passion. It will not only look classy but it will speak volumes about your personality and the kind of relationship you share with the groom. The best part is that you can also craft a cascading bouquet with this combination.

You can only use the flowers to make a statement, or be creative and add up leaves and a few other elements.

Red Roses with Yellow Calla Lilies

The combination of red and yellow is enchanting and magnificent. You can either create a base of yellow lilies and add up red roses to accentuate the overall look or vice versa. Additionally, a scattering of red and yellow looks equally dazzling.

Using a bit of greenery and a few fillers will make your bouquet look more tantalizing than anything you have envisioned so far.

At last, we just have to say that you let your imagination go wild because Art and Flower is here for you. Your wish is our command!

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