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Ideas for Striking Wedding Bouquets with Calla Lilies and Roses

Wedding Bouquets with Calla Lilies and Roses

A wedding bouquet calls for everybody’s attention and if a bride like yourself is holding that bouquet, it better be radiant and charming. We know you are determined to get roses and calla lilies because of their symbolization, and obviously, they look beautiful.

Calla lilies and roses make one of the classics yet trendiest of all wedding bouquet combinations.

If you don’t like reading, we have a quick tip for you. Pair any color of roses with any color of calla lilies and the results will be amazing. However, if you don’t mind reading this blog and you want only the best, Art and Flower presents some awesome ideas for your wedding bouquet with roses and calla lilies.

A White Bouquet

You can use white calla lilies and white roses to get a beautiful wedding bouquet with contrasting contours of these flowers. There is a lot of scope for experimentation here. You can spice it up by adding one or two pink roses and a few fillers to make it even more eye-catchy. Moreover, you can add a bit of greenery to add extra charm and elegance.

When it comes to the arrangement of flowers in your bouquet, there are multiple options because you can never go wrong with a white bouquet. You can either keep your calla lilies in the center and build up with roses around them or vice versa. Just mixing them together looks good as well.

White Callas Pink Roses

If you want to keep it subtle but don’t like the all-white combo, this one might work for you. A combination of white calla lilies and soft pink roses is among the most beautiful wedding bouquets. You can also use cream-colored roses instead of pink.

If you wish to reverse the color of flowers, we suggest you have a look at how that looks in person before you order any such thing for your wedding.

Such a combination looks very classy and you are free to add a pop of color by adding different types of fillers. Whether you wish to add leaves or not is up to you but adding them will give your bouquet a rustic look.

Cream-colored Roses and Purple Callas

Yes, you might not have thought of this combination but it looks very pretty, classy, and elegant. Besides the symbolization is all about romance, innocence, and passion. You can also use white flowers instead to accentuate your lovely Callas.

A side-by-side floral arrangement in this kind of wedding bouquet could be a trendsetter. As far as the shapes are concerned, we would highly recommend a small bouquet with some small flowers as fillers, matching the color of the roses or calla lilies with a bit of greenery.

Orange Roses with Yellow Callas

Want to add the feel of spring to your wedding bouquet? Adorn it with yellow calla lilies and orange roses. The flowers not only complement each other but also offer you the freedom to be as creative as you want. You can craft it in any shape and size you want and add any type of fillers and outer ring.

Moreover, you can also use a single color of fillers in some dark color to add a bit of a contrast and boldness.

Mix them Up

This is our favorite as such a bouquet really checks the imagination of the bride as well as our florists. You can have multi-colored roses and calla lilies wedding bouquet. The best part about this bouquet is that there are no limits and no rules.

The only advice we have for you is to be hyper-creative and don’t stop until you are satisfied with the final look.

We have many more ideas like this. Get in touch with our experts at Art and Flower to discuss your wedding bouquet.

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