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What Options Do You Have to Create an Orange Bouquet?

Are you looking forward to creating or buying an orange bouquet but are confused regarding the choice of flowers? Well, don't worry! In this blog, we will share some of the most astonishing orange blossoms to create a unique yet beautiful bouquet.

Orange is the color of mirth, happiness, energy, encouragement, enthusiasm, success, creativity, etc. Not to mention, it is a natural eye-catcher.

Now, without wasting time discussing the color, let us focus on the flowers. First of all, to buy flowers in Dubai, you can always visit the Art and Flower website. As for the choice of the flowers, here is the list of the most alluring orange flowers:

Gerbera Daisy

If you need a bouquet that is classy and elegant yet never fails to grab attention and looks lovely (does this description remind you of someone?), well go for gerbera daisies in orange.

Day Lily

Daylilies are beautiful blooms with long leafless stems. They look exquisite in a bouquet and you can definitely go for these if you want a combination of sophistication dripping with cheerfulness.


Also known as Mums, these flowers make for full and lush bouquets that look highly appealing and astounding. You can even get a globe-shaped bouquet with these flowers. Just take your creativity on a ride with these blooming flowers and surprise everyone.


The carnations are spectacular flowers, and the orange carnations look like a beauty to behold. They make spectacular bouquets and you can further elevate the beauty of your bouquet by adding vibrant blue muscaris as fillers.


There is no match for classy orange tulips simply because they look enigmatic, charming, and very elegant, all at the same time. Now, try to imagine how a lady will feel if someone gives her a bouquet of orange tulips with a bit of greenery! Exactly, that is the feeling you have to aim for!


Zinnia flowers have heads like daisies blooming brightly on top of a long and slender stem. Can you imagine a bouquet with orange zinnias? You can create any shape but the best would be a small globe sitting on top of a thin bunch of long stems.

Copper Tips

These beautiful orange flowers can be used as fillers to make a tall or cascading bouquet. You can even pair these vibrant flowers with pastel blooms to add a pop of color. These will look amazing with orange tulips or roses.

Crown Imperial

If you wish to be more creative and create a completely unique bouquet, you should definitely consider crown imperial flowers. They might work wonders as fillers.

These flowers bloom upside down, where the upper part consists of green leaves and the flowers hang upside down below the leaves. Just imagine how they will look on your bouquet.


These are another great option for fillers in your bouquet as the flower contains several tiny and vibrant blooms that will surely make your bouquet look full and more attractive.

Now that you have multiple options to choose from, we suggest you do not rule out flowers like orange roses, orchids, etc. They also make stunning bouquets. Just place your order for online flowers Dubai from our website and get them delivered to your doorstep.

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