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White Roses and Calla Lilies Wedding Bouquets

White Roses and Calla Lilies

Imagine the elegance and charm of a wedding bouquet that has calla lilies and white roses in it.

If you have also imagined yourself holding such a bouquet, then this article is definitely for you. In this article, we will cover all the different shapes of a wedding bouquet that could be constructed using beautiful white roses and elegant calla lilies.

Posy Bouquet

There is no way that we are discussing the shape of white roses and calla lilies wedding bouquet and ‘posy’ does not make it to the top of the list. Posy bouquets are among the most comfortable bouquets as they are small in size and very convenient to carry.

The shape of a posy bouquet is mostly rounded so we suggest you build a base of roses and then pop calla lilies in between them as fillers.

Alternatively, you can also take a rose and a calla lily as your base and then arrange more roses around your first rose and more calla lilies around the first calla lily. This will give you a more textured and eye-grabbing bouquet. You can also add a few fillers.

Cascading Bouquet

A cascading bouquet is a classy yet stylish wedding bouquet shape to add a bit of drama to your wedding. The bouquet looks like a waterfall and that is how it has got the name cascading. Usually, calla lilies with long stems make for beautiful cascading flowers. To it, you can add white roses to the bouquet to add some mystical charm to an already beautiful bouquet.

However, we would suggest that your roses should be much closer to your hands instead of spilling out of the bouquet. For white roses and calla lilies wedding bouquets, you can try out different colors or even combinations of calla lilies with white roses.

Calla lilies in colors like purple, yellow, and orange, along with a lot of fillers, alleviate and accentuate the roses. Whereas, the white callas with a lot of greenery and white roses create an aura of elegance.

Hand-Tied Bouquet

As the name suggests, this bouquet looks like it is simply tied using ribbons. Now, this kind of bouquet opens up a lot of scope for creativity and imagination. You can, literally, go wild and add up pretty much everything you want.

If you have decided on calla lilies and white roses, we suggest you broaden your perspective a bit and try to add up a few more flowers. However, if you wish to keep it small, you can experiment by using different colors of calla lilies and grouping them together with white roses.

Moreover, you can use a lot of leaves, greenery, and fillers to give it a rustic yet gorgeous appearance. Lastly, you can also experiment with the color of your ribbon.

Round Bouquet

The name of the bouquet says a lot about its shape. As you can see in the pictures below, such bouquets are constructed to form a perfect dome-like structure. Such bouquets are usually formed using a single type of flower, preferably roses, and are monochromatic.

However, you can pop your calla lilies in between your roses to give your wedding bouquet a dreamy appearance. Usually, round bouquets are constructed in a single color but you can experiment with the colors as well.

However, we would suggest you go for a completely white bouquet that looks highly elegant and beautiful.


If you are looking for a petite bouquet that is small enough to hold even in one hand, a nosegay is a perfect choice for you. It is more like a posy bouquet but it also includes greenery and is comparatively a bit smaller.

You can use three to four calla lilies and one or two white roses for a beautiful and attractive nosegay bouquet.

We hope our list will give you a lot of inspiration for your white roses and calla lilies wedding bouquet.

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