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How to Use Blush and Burgundy Flowers for Your Wedding?

Blush And Burgundy Wedding Flowers

A wedding is more like a grand celebration of the beautiful bond that you and your spouse are about to share for the rest of your lives. More importantly, you only get to marry once. So, why not go all in and have a glorious wedding and let every person know about how much you love your partner and how happy you are.

There is no better way to express your joy and love than flowers. Moreover, wedding flowers play a significant role to demonstrate your taste and feelings. Besides, flowers make your wedding venue even more beautiful and play a crucial role in decorations.

Now, as we are discussing wedding flowers, let us ask you a pressing question:

Have you planned your wedding flowers yet?

If you want ‘blush and burgundy’ wedding flowers, well, let us share some of our secret assortments and creative combinations for an elegant, classy, and mesmerizing wedding.

Burgundy Dahlias and Blush Peonies

As your base flowers, ‘burgundy dahlias and blush peonies’ work like a magical charm. You can incorporate these flowers anywhere. Be it your wedding bouquet, the decorations, table centerpieces, or even for the groom’s boutonniere (though, the flowers should be very small in size). In fact, you can also create a tiara for yourself and a few more for the bridesmaids.

To accentuate these flowers, you can always pop in a few small flowers in whites and baby pinks. Using greenery would also be a smart move. Moreover, if you can’t find peonies in blush, you can always replace them with blush roses. Though the burgundy dahlias are quite easy to find, you can replace them with burgundy carnations, spider mum, roses, or even peonies.

Burgundy Calla Lilies and Blush Roses

This is a combination that we are totally obsessed with. Just imagine a beautiful decor with stunning calla lilies and dreamy blush roses. Ahem! Have you reached your wedding venue already? Well, you can expect a wedding that would seem like it has popped out of a fairy tale!

Be it table centerpieces, your wedding bouquet, or the decor, you can make a statement with this enigmatic combination. For the groom’s boutonniere, you can use one or two buds of roses in blush and can wrap them with a burgundy ribbon.

If someone is allergic to either of these flowers or there is a shortage, you can easily replace the calla lilies with burgundy daisies or burgundy ranunculus. As for the roses, you already know there are a lot of options. However, peonies would be the closest alternative if you wish to go for a dreamy theme.

Burgundy Gypsophila and Blush Roses

Well, this is more like having blush roses as the base and burgundy gypsophila as the fillers but it makes for an elegant yet ultra-modern decor and wedding bouquets. You might already be getting ideas for the boutonniere. Right? So, you know this would be a fantastic combination.

You can replace the gypsophila with solidago as they look quite enchanting and highly mysterious.

Burgundy Roses and Blush Roses

Do you think we would not even mention a ‘Burgundy Roses and Blush Roses’ combination? You already know these flowers stand for beauty, passion, and innocence. Now, imagine the resplendent beauty caused by this alluring combination. You can replace the roses with peonies.

In case, you can’t use the type of flowers that we mentioned due to certain allergies or unavailability, you can always opt for silk flowers. At Art and Flower, there are lots of blush and burgundy wedding flowers!

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