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Say It with a Valentine’s Day Bouquet

There is no better excuse to show your true feelings than Valentine’s day. No doubt, you do a lot of things throughout the year but this is that time of the year when just a small gesture like sending a bouquet could mean a lot for someone special.

We all love it when someone gives us flowers. Imagine the surprise and immense joy of receiving beautiful blooms on such a special day! Wouldn’t it be worth a million dollars?

Now that you truly wish to buy flowers, let us tell you that there are unlimited options and each flower reflects different emotions. However, you don’t have to worry because we are going to share some of the best valentine flowers that will help you express your true feelings.

In fact, you should instead send a bouquet to express all your feelings through a fragrant bunch of blooms. So, here is a list of all the flowers that you could include in Valentine’s day bouquet:


Roses are hands down the most preferred choice for this special day. You already know that roses come in different colors and each color carries a different symbolism. The red color symbolizes love, beauty, and romance. Whereas pink roses mean elegance, orange means passion, yellow says friendship, white symbolizes budding love, and lavender roses represent love at first sight.

Now that you are loaded with so much information, a bouquet with any of these roses or a combination of different colors would be enough to woo your someone special.

Calla Lilies

Like roses, calla lilies come in different shades with each color representing a different emotion. These look magnificent and give an ethereal feeling to the receiver. White calla lilies speak of innocence, pink shows admiration, purple indicates passion, and yellow signifies gratitude.

You can either mix different shades of calla lilies or can go for the most dominating feeling with a bouquet in a single color.


Orchids are bright, vibrant, and they look absolutely adorable. They are enough to sweep anyone off the feet. The different colors and their meanings are:

  • Red: Desire and passion
  • Pink: Grace
  • White: Elegance
  • Orange: Pride
  • Yellow: Friendship and new beginnings
  • Purple: Admiration

You can choose one or more colors to create a lovely, blooming bouquet that expresses your desires.


Tulips symbolize deep love and giving them in a bouquet would be a great way to express your true feelings. Let us have a look at different colors of tulips and their meaning:

  • Pink: Happiness
  • Purple: Elegance
  • Yellow: Cheerfulness
  • Orange: Appreciation
  • White: Honor
  • Yellow: “there's sunshine in your smile” (Victorians said so)
  • Blue: Uniqueness

You already know the drill!

We have shared the 4 most preferred varieties of flowers for Valentine’s Day bouquet. You can combine all or a few of these flowers to give your bouquet a beautiful look and texture. To get some ideas, you should check out the beautiful arrangements of bouquets at Art and Flower for inspiration.

You can also place an order from our Valentine’s day special collection. If you wish to give a lasting present, you can consider silk flowers that look equally attractive and can last for a lifetime. Not to mention, they express the same feelings without triggering allergies.

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