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3 Cool Ways to Give Flowers to Your Valentine

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, just selecting flowers is not enough. The way you give her the flowers also says a lot about you. In this blog, we will discuss three cool ways to give flowers to your Valentine.

The flowers fill you with mirth and happiness. Receiving flowers is like receiving a bunch full of happiness.

Call from Behind

While you are dropping your someone special, you can call from behind as she/he turns around and then you can give the flowers. If you don’t travel together, you can walk behind the person and then make them turn around.

This trick is more effective than walking up front and giving flowers because the other person is not expecting anything and is oblivious of your intentions. Thus, the surprise element is quite high and your special one might have a beautiful smile all day long.

To make things seem more serious, or if you wish to propose, you can always go on your knees.

Send Flowers

If you are way too reserved for publicly displaying your love or you don’t feel like you can do this, it is totally understandable. You can instead send flowers through Art and Flower, the best flower delivery shop for Valentine’s day. If you don’t live together, the flowers could be sent directly to the home of your beloved. Else, you can send flowers directly to her office.

For maximum impact, make sure that the flowers reach someone special’s desk before the other person could reach the cabin. This is an effective strategy because of three main reasons:

  • When they enter the office, they think it will be another monotonous day.
  • As soon as they enter the office, a beautiful arrangement of fragrant blossoms is sitting on the desk to welcome them.
  • Now, it is a pleasant surprise and it makes them really happy. Moreover, the feeling is ethereal.

However, don’t forget to write a note with your name on it. You don’t want them to think it is someone else who sent the flowers.

Send a Kid with Flowers

Children are innocent and flowers are also a symbol of innocence. When you send one innocence coupled with another, the result is always “...aww” and you can easily convey the message in style.

This might seem like a perfect plan but it is very tricky and the difficult part is to find a child. It would be better to send a child who is related to you.

If your Valentine likes dogs, it would be a great idea to send a dog or puppy with the flowers. However, then you will have to make sure that you arrange a flower basket.

In any case, you will have to be very careful that the basket or Valentine flower bouquet is light enough for any of these cute babies to carry. If you want to give a bigger bouquet and still want to involve more innocence, you can send one flower with the child, pup, or even a cat along with a handwritten note asking your loved one to come to a certain spot. This trick is among the most amazing and it works perfectly if you wish to propose.